In The United States, Islam Is Practised.

Muslims In North America Are Believed To Number Between Five And Seven Million, And More Than Two And A Half Million Of Them Are American Muslims Who Have Converted To Islam. In The United States Military, There Are Now More Over 9,000 Muslims Serving On Active Duty. More And More High-Ranking U.S. Academics And Professionals Are Muslim. Muslims Are Clearly A Part Of The Fabric Of American Society, Serving As Neighbours, Coworkers, Colleagues, Schoolmates, And Friends, And Contributing To The Well-Being Of Our Nation. An Important Aspect Of American Muslims Is That They Represent A Wide Range Of Ethnicities And Cultures From All Over The Globe; This Creates An Experience That Is Unlike Any Other In The World.

Islamic Practises In The United States Are Depicted Through Detailed Descriptions Of Muslim American Life Passages And Ethical Deeds As Well As Religious Holidays, Prayer, And Pilgrimage. Muslim Americans’ Different Religious Traditions Are Explored In This Book, Which Takes Readers Into Their Own Homes And Places Of Worship As Well As To Sites Like Graves And Eateries In Mecca.

To Go Beyond Just Talking About What Muslims Should Do, This Book Looks At What They Do. According To The Book’s Findings, Their Religious Practises Are Influenced By Their Racial And Ethnic Identification, Their Gender And Sexual Orientation, And Their Sectarian Identity. Readers Learn About The Practical Aspects Of Islamic Faith, As Well As How The Reality Of American Society Influence Muslim American Practise, Through The Book.

Mosques In The United States Now Number More Than 2150, With Over 400 Islamic Schools (126 Full-Time), Three Institutions And 400 Organisations. There Are Also Over 200 Magazines, Journals And Weekly Newspapers.

Islam’s History In The United States.

New World Islam Predates The United States’ Own History In Several Ways. Certain Artefacts, Discovered In The Mississippi Delta And Other Places, Predate European “Voyages Of Discovery,” According To Some Academics. European Ships, Notably Those Under The Leadership Of Christopher Columbus, Often Employed Muslim Crew Men Because Of Their Ability In Nautical Navigation.

As Many As 20% Of The African Slaves Imported To The United States From Africa Were Muslims In Later Years (Before Being Forcibly Converted To Christianity). After The Conquest Of Granada In 1492 And The Deportation Of Muslims And Jews From Spain As A Consequence Of The Inquisition, Another Group Of Muslims, Spaniards Known As Mudejars, Set Roots In The New World. American Architecture And Design Have Been Profoundly Influenced By These Highly Trained Hispano-Arab Muslim Artisans And Artists, Particularly In The Southwest.

Muslim Immigrants From All Over The Globe, Along With Those From Other Religions, Have Been Arriving In The Us Since The Late 1800s To Improve Their Lives And Contribute To The Country’s Ever-Evolving Social Matrix. Native-Born American Muslims And Converts To Islam Have Grown In Numbers Over The Last 50 Years, Bringing New Generations Of Muslims Ready To Engage Productively With Their American Peers And Boost The Community’s Contributions To New Heights.

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